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Commercial and Residential Architects in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester 

Since 1985, Marsh Grochowski have been proud to offer residential, commercial and bespoke architectural services across Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. Our expertise lies in clean, contemporary and functional design with a focus on sustainability. Our passionate and skilled team of architects boasts a wealth of experience in designing bespoke eco homes, educational facilities, green urban developments and building conversions. We are always ready to collaborate with you on new architectural projects and push the boundaries of what’s possible with sustainable building design.


LIVE - Residential architecture

We are proud to have designed and created a variety of homes and living spaces that blend in seamlessly with the surrounding infrastructure and landscape. Sustainable architectural design is at the heart of every bespoke home, development project, and multi-plot apartment complex we complete. Located around Derby, Nottingham and the surrounding areas, everything we build is a fine balance of key elements – space, lighting, accessibility, and everyday functionality. Each home is crafted with hand-picked materials, inspired by clean, contemporary aesthetics and the people who use it every day.

Take a look at our portfolio of award-winning residential designs. We hope they inspire you.


LEARN - Educational architecture

Since we established our architectural services nearly 40 years ago, our architects have created hundreds of unique educational building designs for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. Whether we are designing a whole new building, extending or refurbishing an existing space, all our educational building designs are modern, sustainable and versatile, built to inspire and empower the next generation.


View our gallery of recent educational building designs.


WORK - Commercial architecture

Office buildings and workspaces are another speciality of our expert architects. Our most recent projects incorporate the newest developments in eco-friendly building design, as well as having wellbeing and quality of life in mind from start to finish. It’s important to us that all our commercial architectural projects are pleasing to the eye both inside and outside. Visually pleasing design and effortless functionality is balanced according to the needs and preferences of each client, using our creativity to challenge what’s possible.

We hope you enjoy viewing our most recent commercial developments here.


PLAY - Public and Cultural Architecture

Throughout Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, we have completed modern public buildings and cultural spaces of all sizes. Our sustainable building designs range from brand new builds to refurbishment of existing spaces, including listed churches, warehouses and entertainment complexes. Our portfolio is an eclectic mix of theatres, community centres, and exhibition spaces. Our architects can develop layouts that flow effortlessly and are easy to navigate, maximise natural light, and incorporate sustainable design features that are energy efficient and insulated.

See our collection of local community buildings here.


How we work

At Marsh Grochowski, we pride ourselves on evolving with the latest industry developments in sustainable architecture and building design. Our industry-leading architects thrive on experimenting and innovating in partnership with each client, to deliver truly unique results that can adapt and evolve over time, as needs and priorities change.

Physical modelling, 2D and 3D CAD modelling and cutting-edge editing software lets us show you our progress in real time, so you always feel part of the project. Consistent communication and great customer service is as important to us as architecture.

Awards and accolades

Marsh Grochowski are a multi-award-winning architectural firm. Our recognition includes:

  • RIBA National Awards

  • Civic Trust Awards

  • Nottingham Lord Mayor’s Awards for Urban Design

  • Rushlight Research Award

  • And many more


Contact Us

We are always happy to discuss your idea for a new project, and how we can work with you.

To get in touch, call our Nottingham office on 0115 941 1761 or email

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