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Our approach


Based in Nottingham, Marsh:Grochowski Architects has been practising since 1985 with work across multiple building sectors and different locations around the UK. Today the practice focuses mainly on housing, cultural buildings and educational facilities, our projects include:


- Bespoke, one-off houses

- Small to medium urban housing and mixed use developments

- Apartment buildings

- Community centres

- Theatres for both public and schools

- Galleries and exhibition halls

- Schools for all age groups

- Hotels

- Parks, squares and pavilions


All our schemes have a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and look to minimise their impact through the use of ‘passive’ design techniques such as maximising natural light, high levels of insulation and air tightness, and the inclusion of ‘active’ technologies like solar hot water, photovoltaics and heat recovery systems. Having practised like this for several decades we have great experience in delivering successful eco projects and we’re still looking to try new ideas.


We are a design led practice, always happy to experiment and innovate with our clients in order to deliver the best design. As such we use both 2D and 3D CAD modelling software to develop our projects. We also work with physical models and image editing software to communicate ideas with clients and Planners.


At Marsh:Grochowski, we understand that every client is different and for that reason we tailor our services to your specific needs. We believe that when designing a building it is important that we work in cohesion with the client and other specialists to achieve the best possible result. All of our architects are ARB registered and look to provide excellent customer service to every client, meaning that when you choose us, you leave 100% satisfied.


We have handled schemes from domestic extensions to £20million multi-use urban developments. Our expertise carries through from developing concepts to final completion and beyond, delivering projects that are kind to the planet, satisfy our clients’ needs and look good doing it! Have a look through our portfolio to see more.



RIBA National Awards_

The Meat Factory, 2011

House on Rutland Water, 2006

Nottingham Playhouse Neville Studio, 1995

Marsh House 1, 1995

11 Lenton Avenue, 1987


RIBA East Midlands Awards_

The Meat Factory, 2011

Catfoot Lane, 2008

Office on the Ropewalk, 2008

Lacemakers House, 2006

The Search for a Low Energy House, 2005


Lakeside Arts Centre - Gordon Graham Award, 2007


Phoenix Square – Highly Commended, 2010

Kings Meadow Canopy – Commended, 2007

The Manor – Highly Commended, 2007

One Degree West – Highly Commended, 2004

Hart’s Hotel – Highly Commended, 2003

The Marlborough – Highly Commended, 2002


The Meat Factory - Sustainability Award, 2011

Office on the Ropewalk – Sustainability Award, 2008


East Midlands Property Awards_

Green Street - Regeneration Project of the Year Award, 2011

Phoenix Square – Regeneration Project of the Year Award, 2010


Civic Trust Awards_

The Meat Factory – Winner, 2011

The Riverhead Theatre – Highly Commended, 2003

Lakeside Arts Centre – Winner, 2002

Two Houses in the Park - Commended, 1987


Nottingham Lord Mayor’s Awards for Urban Design_

Office on the Ropewalk, 2009

Mellors Primary School, 2009

Kings Meadow Canopy, 2007

Lacemakers House, 2007


Nottingham Civic Society Commendations_

The practice has won a total of 17 commendations including:

Forest Recreation Ground, 2013

Woodthorpe Pavilion, 2012

John A. Stevens Office, 2005

Lakeside Arts Centre, 2001


Rushlight Research Award_

The INET Flat-pack Modular Systems in association with the University of Nottingham


INCA Andy Swan Award_

Catfoot Lane, 2009

RIBA East Midlands Exemplar Housing Projects 2019

Trent Basin Phases 1 & 2

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