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The work comprises of the conversion of the Grain Store into a single dwelling. The site lies north of North Kilworth and is part of wider complex of agricultural buildings that form a Farm.


The proposed design aims to retain the character of the existing grain store building and the structure is to remain unaltered. The general form, massing and scale of the external appearance is to remain, albeit it will be clad with timber and there are a few new openings.


 An opening has also been formed in the roof to create a lightwell into the centre of the building. This is an external space, open to the elements. This lightwell not only allows natural light and ventilation into the heart of the house, it also creates a visual, landscaped centrepiece to the layout onto which many rooms overlook. Doors at ground level allow access into this garden space and windows can open into it at first floor.

The Grain Store

Client: Private Client
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