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Brief history of the office:
How old the building is.
What was is before.
What sort of changes have been made since then.

How is the space used in the design.

PV Panels_edited.jpg

Photovoltaic panels taking in solar energy as the office's prime source of electricity. Additional energy taken in which is not used by the office is automatically put back into the grid. Meaning the office generates electricity as opposed to adding to its carbon footprint.

Green Wall.png
A green wall installed on the outside pathway, will aid in improving the air quality around the building and add to the natural environment. Providing habitats for insects and small animals, as well as providing a pleasant aesthetic outside the building.
Cross Breeze.png

The installation of angled ceiling lights opposite to the side windows allows for a steady cross-breeze through the office. Allowing for a cooler working environment in the warmer months without the use of additional power.

Insulation/measures to keep the building warm in winter without using too much power.

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